Happy Birthday, Megan


Megan Marie,

It’s our seventh set of birthdays together, and I can without a doubt say I love you more today than I did our first year together.

Thank you for showing me how to love like Jesus.

Thank you for forgiving me time and time again, and for not keeping a list of the ways I fail you. Thank you for holding me up when I can’t stand on my own, for crying with me and for me, and for reminding me who God is, and who He says I am. Thank you for your graciousness, and the way you give everything and never hold back.

Thank you for loving me too.

Your heart and smile, your warmth and strength are beautiful. You’re a leader, a teacher and a living example of what it means to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. You’re brave and courageous, and you bring Love and Light with you wherever you go.

I’m so proud of who you are and everything you’ve done.

I love you with all of my heart.


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