Summer in the Shade

I don’t think summer can get much better than spending an afternoon sprawled out on a blanket under the shade of a big tree, drifting in and out of sleep as the breeze rustles the leaves above you. In Florida, this is basically impossible unless you’re hoping to lose half your body weight in sweat and/or suffer heat stroke. So, for now, I’m just going to use my imagination.


1. Recycled Glass Bottle by Sur La Table
2. Colorblock Indigo Tee by J.Crew
3. Henrika Throw Blanket by IKEA
4. Sutro Tower Canvas Tote by Unionmade
5. White Selvedge Jeans by Gap

Sunny Afternoon in the Park

It’s Saturday — the perfect day to grab a good book, head to the park, and spend an afternoon reading under the sun. If you live outside of Florida, Hawaii or California, then grab a good book, a parka, and sit by a fire or something. (I’m not sure how winter works).

The most important thing: relax. It’s Saturday!
1. Love Does by Bob Goff
2. Lightweight Chambray Shirt in Faded Bluegrass by J.Crew
3. Linoleum-Stamped Golden Gate Bridge Canvas Tote by TLMade
4. Handcrafted Leather Keychain by TLMade
5. Green Washed Chino Short by Bonobos
6. Downing Sunglasses in Walnut Tortoise by Warby Parker

Dressing This Place Up

This blog is a weird place. It started off with me quitting grad school to pursue my make-lots-of-money wedding photography dreams and it’s ended up with me leaving everything behind to be a missionary. Like I said, weird.

It’s not a photography blog, it’s not a travel blog, it’s not a Christian blog, it’s not a how-to blog — it’s just a me blog. So me, well, I have decided to start blogging whatever the heck I want.

Let’s pretend this is my cozy corner of cyberspace, complete with stacks of new magazines, lots of soft-but-not-too-soft blankets, and a Coke Zero soda fountain with free refills. (I said pretend, remember?)

Today I feel like playing with clothes. It’s definitely playing because I don’t own any of the items below. I wish I did, but I rarely buy things full price. And those glasses — oh man — I’ve tried them on and they don’t fit. They inspire me anyway.

So, yeah, pretending, playing, being inspired. Let’s do all that. And drink some ice cold, extra fizzy Coke Zeros.


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