Portrait Session: Laura Botu


Laura Botu is one of the coolest people I know. Even her name is cool. One time, Michelle and I made paper cutouts of bows as decorations for Laura’s birthday lunch and scattered them in pairs across the table. Names that lend themselves to visual puns are so good. Anyway, Laura is a designer, outfit-put-together-er extraordinaire (she really needs to start blogging) and friend. Before I moved to San Francisco, we got together in one of my very favorite places, East Boca, to make some fun portraits for Laura’s website.

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Baby Julie


Baby Julie lives in a cozy and bright San Francisco flat with her mom, dad and big brother — a lazy but loving bulldog named Jack. Over the holidays, Julie’s mom got in touch with me about surprising Julie’s dad with a family portrait session for Christmas, only to have him turn the tables by suggesting to surprise Julie’s grandparents with the very same thing! We decided to make it extra special by creating a few photos to include with the portrait session gift certificate. It was a Christmas surprise centered around the most adorable yawning baby around — I think Santa would be proud.

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Cozy Weekends


Cozy weekends are my favorite. Whether I stay cocooned in bed a little longer than I should (right up till the sun says it’s about time for lunch), get up early and tackle my mental to-do list (I don’t believe in written ones — not for the weekend, anyway), or grab a dozen doughnuts to share with good friends over delicious, home-brewed coffee (as we did this weekend with Michelle and Cole), I’m happy because I’m taking it slowly and savoring every cozy, delicious, beautiful moment.


The Dandee Donut Factory / Panther Coffee / Chemix Coffeemaker