I miss you.

Megan’s away for three days on a church women’s retreat with her mom and sister, and I’m not sure what to do with myself. After more than three and a half years, I’ve grown sort of accustomed to her. Weird, I know. So I’m going through photos, watching the clock, and feeling a little too sad about having to go to bed alone…again. I hate you, empty side of the bed. Anyway, I can’t write too much because I don’t have my live-in editor here to proofread this entry, so I’m going to stop here and leave you with a couple of photos from Megan’s birthday. Just don’t stare longingly at them, because that’d be weird and, besides, that’s my thing.


If you judged my life solely by my Instagram profile, you might think I eat a lot of dessert and spend a lot of time looking at clouds. Well, you’d be right. And now I’m craving cotton candy.

Shane Fryer | Instagram Photos

*Title credit goes to my lovely and incredibly creative wife, Megan.