As a self-labeled creative, my patience and attention span when it comes to anything crafty is pathetically nearly non-existent. For one, I hate crafts in the glue-a-bunch-of-stuff-on-a-wreath-and-call-it-a-day sense. For two, I’m just generally impatient, a true product of my generation. That being said, I’m all about homemade, or should I say bespoke (sounds fancier, right?), when it comes to anything that goes on my walls, in an envelope, or under a tree. I can’t help myself. If I see one more living room decorated with art exclusively from Target, I might spontaneously combust in a fiery explosion of creative frustration. If it’s in blue and brown I won’t even wait for the explosion, I’ll just shoot myself with a glue gun.

Anyway, since almost everything I make is the magical combination of easy, affordable, and fast, I thought it might be fun to share some of it you. To kick things off, I’ll share something I whipped up to fill my stockpile of IKEA frames that I can’t seem to stop replenishing — sliced paper wall art.

Here’s a (short) list of everything you need:
colored paper (I used card stock)
empty frames (like I said, I like IKEA frames, mostly because they’re simple and affordable)
scissors (or, if you’re into it, you can make things easier with a paper cutter)

And that’s it. Choose a color combination you like, cut out strips of paper, arrange them in an interesting way, and close the frame. You can glue them in place if you’d like, but I don’t because Megan is amused by shaking the frames and changing things up every now and then. You can put the strips in front of or behind the mat, depending on how you’re feeling. I think both look nice. And I’m indecisive, so I did it both ways. Enjoy!